Anime Weekend Atlanta


You gotta be willing to go into a room with complete strangers and make some friends.

I don’t even know where to begin when talking about the magic of this weekend. I’ll keep it short this time!

The Dealer’s Room!!

My first stop in the Dealers’ Room was with one of the animators of Steven Universe… as I wear my Steven Universe shirt from Hot Topic


So I met up with a friend after waiting an hour in line. I worked crazy hours at the time but if you have the money, I highly recommend you purchase your ticket online for the entire weekend. I walked into the Dealers’ room around 11:00am and easy spend over $100 dollars on prints and comic books within two and a half hours.

I even ran into my coworker in his cosplay. S/O to Neil who is cosplaying Iida from My Hero Academia. IMG_2655.jpg

  • Personally my favorite part of the room was the diversity in the writers and their projects! I spent money on my usual favorites (Spirited Away, Stranger Things, Storm – X Men) but I also got the chance to follow new comics!

From the con, I am now a fan of Kamikaze: and a comic book called Kids 2 Kings. Strongly recommend giving both a try; I have volume one and two from each series.

On the right, there is a display of Kids 2 Kings, a comic that is deeply rooted in Egyptian mythology and history…and it has more black characters.

I also had the chance to meet Marcus William, a famous graphic designer that is working on a comic books of his own. Although I didn’t buy his from the con, I got to borrow my best friend’s copy of Tuskegee Heirs and I am already determined to invest in the remaining volumes as well as cosplay one of the characters next year. 



From this picture, you can find me indulging in the fan-created shipping of Black Panther and Storm. Marcus is in the background wearing a Tuskegee Heirs shirt with a huge display of the comic book. My wallet wasn’t ready but I was too excited not to support!

I’m rooting for everyone Black. – a quote from Issa Rae and my thoughts exactly!

Though more than $100 dollars left my bank account, I discovered soooo many more IMG_2660.jpgcomics that had strong black leading characters and I can’t help but celebrate. Outside of the Dealers’ Room, I got to reconnect with my friend that I knew all the way back from 7th grade. I roamed the gaming rooms then dances to the live DJ in the Lobby with people in cosplay. Here’s just one picture from my new collection 





Author: Tay Abrams

I'm a Charlotte resident, Christian, member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and an alum from the University of North Wilmington who is always finding something new to get into. For a long time, I found myself attracted to story-telling. I work with film and television (usually in the Production Office) and I've had the privilege of seeing my name in the credits of a few shows so far. While I'm in between projects, I find exciting excursions to go on. I balance between being a thrill seeker and an artsy couch potato depending on the week. I'm grateful I'll get to share some of my wacky experiences to anyone who's intrigued. Just living out the things on my bucket list now before I settle down... gross! Thanks for reading!

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